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With everything that has gone on under the Obama administration the issues surrounding the article in the link below are perhaps the most threatning to the people of this country.
Genisus 12:3 “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”  Since the reestablisment of Israel in 1948 following WWII, America has been Israel’s friend and supporter.  Perhaps because those in leadership positions in our land still had enough presence of mind to honor God’s promise to the nation of Israel and its people.
If we as a nation continue down the path of opposition to Isreal, the current economic and policy woes will be nothing compared to what we will bring upon ourselves.  I am personaly convenced that Mr. Obama’s supposed Christian profesion is just that.  Only a profession.  Actions speak much louder than words in this case.  Though he professes Christianity, his policies demonstrate where his true allegiance and loyalties lie.  These loyalties are obviously stirred towards Islam.  Why else would he lend his support to the Palastinian nations rather than Israel who has been our long standing ally?
Without the support of the United States, Israel in effect stands alone in the midst of nations that seek her total annihilation.  If we as a nation stand for the basic surrender of the Israeli nation, we will find ourselves cursed rather than under the blessings of God, which we have been the benefactors of for decades now, to the wrath and curse of God.
We have already abandoned any standard of morality. The things that have withheld the hand of God’s judgment on our land are I believe two-fold. One has been our unwaivering support for the nation of Israel and secondly our actions as a Christian Nation and all that entails.  We have all but abandoned the ethics and standards of Christianity.  To the point that when our own president declared that “America is no longer a Christian nation” there was no real outcry. Once we turn away from Israel, the issues that we are struggling with now will pale in comparison to what will happen to us.
We must stand up and let our voices be heard on this subject.  We must let our Senators know about our opposition to President Obama’s policies towards Israel.  Also, we must pray for the peace of Jerusalam.  Our survival as a nation depends on it.
God Bless!  Robert Goodbread