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We were able to take a missions trip into Mexico that was two years in the making.  Many thanks to Rev. Lee Belcher of Bisbee Arizona who coordinated with several area pastors and churches to make our effort a success.  It is a rare thing to be able to say especially when it comes to ministry because there are always hiccups and hindrances that occur that diminish success.  But in this case, as the scripture would say “the Lord was WITH US!”  This missions endeavor actually met and exceeded expectations!  We were able to preach in 5 different churches while there in Mexico and we were able to distribute close to 300 Bibles to these different churches and pastors.  We also were able to meet Brother James Alan Carner who is a missionary to South Mexico and send Bibles with him as well.  God has opened many doors for us in Mexico for the future.

We would like to thank Pastor Randolph Pate and Solid Rock Church of Albany, Georgia as well as Pastor Marshall Adams and Harvest Time Ministries of Bowling Green Missouri for their donations to sponsor the purchase of Bibles for Mexico.

While in Arizona, we lodged with Brother Lee Belcher and his wife, Juanita.  We can’t say THANK YOU enough to them for their hospitality and opening their home to us.  I would like to also like to offer a special thanks to Pastor Louis Bettencourt, the new director of the Miracle Valley complex  (founded by A.A. Allen), for opening the facility up to us and allowing us access to the prayer tower during our stay.  I was able to spend many hours during our stay seeking the Lord and preparing to go into Mexico to minister.

Some of the videos have been added to our website. More will be added asap.