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Mission America


How do we propose to do that? We will hold revivals and crusades THROUGHOUT THE US with a focus on calling America back to God!

Emphasis is on saving the lost, recovering the backslider and preaching healing and deliverance!

Having witnessed and been a part of several deliverance services, we believe that there are many Christians still bound by many things. They are tired of it and are ready to be free!

The moral, cultural and legal changes in our nation are proof positive that America is in NEED of true revival!

There are so many disillusioned. The fields are ripe for the harvest!

Given many testimonies of late of how God is changing the lives of those formally in extreme lifestyles, this proves that God is reaching out! We want to be part of it. Don’t you?

The current political, moral and social environment is precisely the same as what the early church operated and thrived in. They turned the world upside down!

When we see the fire is dimming, we know it’s time to put a few more logs on the fire!!!

If you would like to help us achieve this goal, please book us for a revival at your church or team up with us to set up a crusade in your city!!!! 

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Want to see videos from one of our recent tent revivals?