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One of the major highlights of 2018 was the 17 night tent revival we held in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

A very special thanks to Pastor Jill Wright of Miracle Life Fellowship Church for partnering with us in helping to make this a success.  We would also like to offer a special thanks to Wayne and Sue Ellyn Wiggand for opening their home to us and allowing us to stay there with them as well as everything they did for us to even include a birthday party for Glennette after the service on her birthday!

We can not even begin to list the amazing things that happened during this revival. When you commit to worshiping the Lord and coming into His presence for 17 nights in a row, you can absolutely count on Him showing up in a mighty way!

Some of the videos have been added to our website. More will be added asap.

And here are some photos 🙂