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We are having some really powerful services here in Jacksonville FL. On Monday evening, God started moving during the praise and worship. We were singing “Break Every Chain” and Pastor Graham must have sent someone over to his church to get the CHAINS they had in the sanctuary because next thing I know we start hearing the chains drop on the floor as we are singing “I hear the chains falling!” It’s one thing to sing it and believe it but oh my, words can’t express how powerful it was to hear those actual chains hitting the ground. They would pick them up and drop them again. People came from their seats and picked them up so they could drop them as a sign that their chains were falling. I couldn’t stand it, I had to pick one up and drop it as well. I didn’t want Robert to miss out so I took one to him and he dropped it while playing keyboard.

Thursday evening, Pastor Marty preached and for the altar call, instead of having people come forward, he had those of us who are ministers go row by row and pray for everyone. Admittedly, some of us thought that wasn’t going to go so well but people immediately opened up and started sharing their needs with us so we could pray and anoint them. Depression after returning from military service, PTSD as a result of a miscarriage, a need to return to God, a child in prison, … the list goes on and on. I was reminded that we do NOT have a clue what other people are going through when we just go through the motions of life. That waitress that puts on a happy face then starts immediately crying when you say the BLESSING over your food … there are so many hurting people out there and we have the answer. God is the answer! Won’t you share Him with someone today?