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Written by: Rev. Robert Goodbread

The song “Edelweiss” from the movie “Sound of Music” is performed in public by the character, Captain von Trapp, as one last gesture of patriotism and hope for his homeland, just before escaping into hiding to avoid being forced to serve in the Nazi naval forces.  This scene and this music are quite indicative of our time and of the choices that we too may soon face as Americans.

I can imagine that during the rise of the Third Reich in Europe, before World War II, once Hitler’s regime took hold of that nation, many of Germany’s citizens stood astonished as they witnessed the direction of their government turn in a direction that they themselves vehemently opposed. However, they were powerless and helpless to stop it.  Subsequently, once this culture of fear took hold, not only were they helpless to stop the madness, they were then forced to participate in acts of unspeakable cruelty to their fellow man.  One can scarcely imagine driving a people from their homes in the middle of the night solely because of their ethnicity.  Forced to participate in the murder of six million innocent people.  Forced to join the German military machine or be imprisoned or face execution.  Many in that time did things they would have never done of their own accord. They did these things because of self preservation.  They did them to survive.

With the passage of this Health Care legislation, which over 60 percent of the American public is opposed to, I fear that America has begun its course down a fearful path.  Here we stand opposed to a course that our government is taking, yet those in power are doing it anyway.  Once again, we the people stand by, opposed but helpless and powerless to stop it!  What is next? Where do they plan on going from here? Why all of a sudden are they passing major legislation in the middle of the night and against the will of the people?  Are we going the way of the communist?  Will we go the way of Hitler’s Germany or Stallion’s Soviet Union?

There is one salient point that must be remembered.  The millions that were held captive in Europe during the First, and especially the Second World War, had one hope. The hope that America, the home of the free and the brave, would come to their rescue.  Twice in the 20th century, when the world was threatened by and almost taken over by communist and fascist aggression, America was there to free them and rout the evil from the world.  The question we must ask is, if we America go the way of socialism, of communism, who will come to our rescue?  There is no “America” to come to our aid and free us from the clutches of government oppression.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

In this time of uncertainty when it seems that we are being betrayed by those in our own government, we must pose the question “What will I do?”  What choices will I make when and if the time comes?  There is still time to turn things around.  The unfortunate fact is that the moral character of so many in our nation has been reduced to nothing.  Without a moral and ethical foundation, one has little with which to distinguish right from wrong, good from evil.  In fact, when in our time, evil is good spoken of and good is called evil; it leaves one to wonder if we have hope at all.  Perhaps though there is still a remnant!  Still enough people who love our nation and care enough about right and wrong to do what ever it takes to correct it.  The even bigger question that we must contend with is this.  What if we are unable to stop the madness?  What if we like the Germans and Europeans are forced to make choices regarding human life and cruelty to others?  What are the choices I, or you, will make?

“To him therefore that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” James 4:17

Now is the time, while there is still an opportunity to make a personal choice outside of the influence of fear and intimidation, to decide what we will do if ever confronted with these type choices.  Complacency is no longer an option!  The intimidation has already begun and is abundantly clear for all to see by the way people who “dare” to challenge the current direction of those in the seats of power in Washington D.C.

Jesus said “Work while it is day for the night cometh when no man can work.”

It’s getting awfully dark outside.

Rev. Robert Goodbread